Integrate Hudson CI into a Github workflow

October 13, 2013

Last month we took a look up settup up Continous Integration. This time we look at integrating CI into a Github workflow. The enire process will be outlined and with any luck its a nice little guide on how to setup or even improve on any Development teams CI workflow. You must have a Hudson server setup and running plus a Github account with username and password.

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Setup Continuous Integration with Hudson

September 12, 2013

There is much going on in the world of web development relating to Continuous Integration I thought it would be useful to outline what it essentially is, some of it’s good points and how to get started developing a simple CI server yourself (with an example code base, which is not essential to follow the tutorial).

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The 6 Best Practices for Cloud and Software Development

August 20, 2013

This article will be taking a look at the 6 Best Practices for Cloud computing. Taking into account how many of the same lessons apply to Software Development and how.

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Skeleton SASS and RequireJS app

July 25, 2013

CSS and JavaScript are 2 of the fundamental languages for web driven software. This article will take a look at creating a skeleton app using SASS and RequireJS. These tools can help manage large and complicated code bases while making developer life easier.

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HashTables - a Dynamic Languages best friend (or not !)

June 10, 2013

This article will be taking a look at HashTables. In particular what they are, how they work, what goes into creating one and how they are used in Strong Dynamic languages like PHP, Ruby and JavaScript.

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Inside the PHP Engine: Integers and their ZVAL

May 03, 2013

This article will focus on PHP Integers and what the Zend Engine does to them and their ZVAL before writing them to Memory. It hopes to address the question why a Strong Dynamic language might need to use more Memory than Weak Static languages.

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ZF1 vs ZF2

March 22, 2013

With the release of ZEND FRAMEWORK 2 many people have been asking if it is worth the move. I wanted to take a look at that question NOT from an OOP point of view but from a performance point of view.
I have taken a look at many factors including CPU time, memory usage, function calls and SQL analysis between Zend Framework 1 and Zend Framework 2.

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Using MapReduce with MongoDb

March 05, 2013

MapReduce is a programming model originally developed by Google. It is implemented for processing data inside large sets quickly and efficiently.
This article will look at; why you should use it inside MongoDB (the nosql JSON document-oriented database), when it is most appropriate to implement this model, what it consists of and how to use it.

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10 things to avoid with PHP, courtesy of PHP UK Conference website

March 04, 2013

If you are a fan of PHP in the UK and have recently visited the PHP UK Conference website (found on you may have noticed a link in the footer which reads “Help us make this site better”. It clicks through the a Github repository of the PHP code used for the website. Nice Idea in theory, let others give ideas for whats wrong with your sites code.

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Getting to know SASS

February 04, 2013

Web development has evolved so much over the years for example, objects on the page and objects in the code. However, one area I feel has not been included in the “object evolution” is the stylesheets. With SASS we have the ability to expand our programming practise into style sheets. This article will be taking a look at what SASS is, as well as how to setup and use the functionality it offers.

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